Frequently Asked Questions

1It’s my first time arrange a house clearance. What should I expect with All Clear and where do I start?
As a first step, send us an email or give us a call so that we can discuss exactly what it is you need and arrange a good time for us to carry out a no-obligation site assessment. At the site assessment, we’ll put together a fully itemised fixed quote for you. If you’d like to go ahead with the work, we’ll book in a time for it that works well for you. On the day of the work we will usually arrive at around 8am and work through until 5pm with either a two, three or four man team.
2Do I need to be present when you clear the property?
You’re more than welcome to be there but you absolutely don't have to be around when we carry out the work. We actually recommend that the property is vacated for the day so that we can work as efficiently as possible. In this situation, we would give you a call when we’re done so that you can come over and check that everything has been carried out to specification. Photos of the completed work will also be sent to you via email.
3Are there any items you are not able to clear from a property?
No. We have complete confidence that we can clear any item from a property and in over a decade we haven’t come across anything too difficult. From electrical goods, furnishings and garden waste to the contents of a cellar, loft or garage, we have it in hand and have the licenses and insurance necessary to dispose of all waste safely, legally, and in an environmentally-friendly way.
4What is your approach to valuable items within a property to be cleared?
On our initial site assessment, we’ll use our vast experience to identify and value any items believed to have a resalable value of over £50. We’ll offer to purchase these from you and offset their value against your final bill. The valuation we give will be at market rate and the equivalent to the sum you could receive if the item in question was sold at auction. (You can of course arrange for a secondary valuation to check our assessment is at correct market value.) It’s a convenient way to have valuable items you no longer need taken off your hands, without having to pay for any transport costs involved in taking it to auction or having to sit through the long wait often experienced as part of the auctioning process.
5What happens if the contents of a property are worth more than the cost of clearing it?
We are more than happy to credit you with the balance that is due in this situation, with the payment being made either by cheque or bank transfer, depending on your preference.
6Do I need to prepare the property before you clear it if it is particularly messy or dirty?
No, you will never need to clean or tidy before clear your property. Our team are trained and will arrive suitably dressed to clear your property no matter its condition. We bring our own bags and boxes to sort out the content on site, too, so all we would need from you are a set of keys. We can collect these from a solicitor, estate agent or friend, if need be.
7Can you clean a property after clearing it?
We can indeed. We know that clearing the property is often only half of the job, especially if it is intended to go on the market, so have a professional deep cleaning service on hand that you can make use of. Deep cleaning usually takes an extra day of work following the clearance.